"seeing is believing"

Mr. Roy Griffin's journey.  He drove 700 miles for the Jiffy Knee.

8 days later Mr. Griffin drives back to Kentucky.

Rick from Virginia Beach is 24 hrs. after a Left Jiffy Knee. No pain, no walker /cane.  Watch this video till the end, he will impress you !

79 year old patient one week after a Jiffy Knee.    Never used any pain medication.  Never needed a cane.  2 days after surgery walked up her porch without any problems!! Age is just a number with the Jiffy Knee.

Mr. Dunlap 1 day after surgery can do squats and walk backwards without a cane.  

Ms. Vickers is 2 days after a Jiffy Knee.  NO cane or walker!  She states "It's Amazing...Don't wait!"  

Surgery date Feb 18, 2019

One day after surgery she is ready for the stairs.  Surgery date 2/25/19.  No cane / no walker.  

5 weeks after the right Jiffy Knee.  No pain after surgery.  Date of surgery 9/17/2018

Ms. Holt talks about having both Jiffy Knees 4 months apart.

She came back from Florida.  Watch how she shows off her Jiffy Knee at the end of the clip.

NCAA referee get a Jiffy Knee.  He had 2 previous surgeries before the Jiffy Knee 10 years ago!!

24hrs. after surgery patient walks with no help.  No pain after squatting. She had both knees done few months apart.

Elderly patient 48 hrs. after a Jiffy Knee.  She walks with no walkers or canes. Jiffy Knee demonstrates superior recovery vs. the traditional knee replacement.

8 days after surgery she has no pain.  Walks like nothing ever happened.

Operating room nurse has both knees done.  Driving in 1 week, no cane or walker after 2 days, no pain meds after 3 days.  Whom better than an OR nurse to tell her experience.

Mr. Story is back to the shop in 1 week after both of his Jiffy Knees.  He did 18 steps 2X/day four days after surgery.

Ms. Terry traveled 200 miles to have her Jiffy Knee.  In 3 days she was walking without a cane or a walker.  She went back to Alexandria, Virginia 3 days after her surgery.

1 day after a Right Jiffy Knee.  He is ready to do everything he wants.  Date of surgery 2/25/19

Operating room nurse brags about her recovery after a Jiffy Knee.  Less than 2 weeks, she is  back to normal activities.  NO pain meds in one week.

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