why does the jiffy knee™ work so well?


Dr. Manish Patel


With an extra year of training in Sports Medicine, I was able to hone in on my surgical skills for the Jiffy Knee and soft tissue preservation techniques.  I DON'T cut ANY muscles or tendons to perform your knee replacement.  

Traditional Knee Exposure


Majority of the surgeons cut the quadriceps  tendon and then STITCH it back after the surgery.  The quadriceps tendon is the work horse muscle after a knee replacement for walking and stairs.  Imagine cutting the tendon and being asked to start walking on it.  OUCH!!

Jiffy Knee


I DO NOT cut the Quadriceps or the VMO muscles.  Rather I use special instruments and techniques to "lift" the muscle and slide it.  I only cut the skin and capsule.  Surgery time typically takes 30 minutes to Implant.  LESS PAIN and QUICKER RECOVERY